Our Services


Deviti works closely with our clients on a project by project basis, whether they be new to market, at growth phase or established in the marketplace. Commonly we are called upon to offer guidance on service or product structuring issues, partner choices, setting up global distribution networks and administration efficiency issues. We are able to simply sign-post or equally to develop longer term consultative relationships, in accordance with the individual client's needs and budgets.


Deviti understands the difficulties new and developing product or service providers face in building a distribution network capable of achieving required growth levels in the required time frames. This is where the Deviti distribution team steps in. Headed up by our C.E.O Kevin Hart, we give our clients crucial exposure to our long established network of global specialist distributors.  


The Deviti operations team, headed up by our C.O.O John Adam, offer specialist consultancy to solve administrative efficiency issues, both short term and long term, which although largely hidden from view, has an often surprising effect on our clients bottom line.