Our Services


Deviti works closely with our Fund clients on a project by project basis, whether they be new to market, at growth phase or established in the marketplace. Commonly we are called upon to offer guidance on structuring issues, counter-party choices, insurance options, setting up of distribution networks and administration issues. We are able to simply sign-post or equally to develop longer term consultative relationships, in accordance with the individual Fund's needs and budgets.


Deviti accept remuneration exclusively by way of performance based financial commission, calculated on the basis of improvement or volume milestones agreed at the point of our appointment.



Deviti understands the difficulties new and developing Funds face in building a distribution network capable of building asset under management numbers in accordance with required time frames.This is where the Deviti distribution team steps in. Headed up by our C.E.O Kevin Hart, we give Funds exposure to our long established network of global fund distributors and advisers, bringing access to volume platform and off-platform business.


Deviti are remunerated for our Distribution efforts by way of performance based financial commission, calculated on the basis of targeted volume milestones agreed at the outset. 


The Deviti operations team, headed up by our C.O.O John Adam, offer specialist and efficient Fund Administration Services to Funds globally. Outsourcing this task to Deviti allows Funds to reduce costs and concentrate on core business tasks, safe in the knowledge that we have their back.


If our administrative assistance results in volume targets being met, then Deviti are rewarded with performance based financial commission payments.